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Namecheap - How do I renew .CH / .ES / .FR / .LI / .PE / .SG/ .AU domains?

Namecheap does recommend that you set your .CH, .ES, .COM.ES, .NOM.ES, .ORG.ES, .FR, .LI, .PE, .COM.PE, .NET.PE, .ORG.PE, .SG, .COM.SG, .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU domains for auto-renewal minimum 12 days prior to the expiration date due to the renewal peculiarities of these TLDs.

If such a domain is not set to auto-renewal or not renewed manually at least 12 days before the expiration date, it immediately enters the redemption period. Once in this state, it will not be possible to renew it at the regular price.

domains can be renewed no earlier than 90 days before the actual expiration date.

NOTE: ** It might take up to 48 hours for .AU domain renewal/reactivation to be completed and for the new expiration date to be reflected in your Namecheap account.

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