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Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress free download nulled

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Codecanyon | Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Free Download Nulled

Scraper is an automatic plugin that copies content material and posts automatically from any web site. With tons of helpful and distinctive features, Scraper WordPress plugin takes content material creating course of to a different stage.

Design your individual scraping methodology with visible editor, Scraper will automatically fetch and publish 7/24 for you.


We are creating step-by-step tutorials for plugin. Please tell us in case you have any questions, we’ll be including all particulars on tutorials.


[+] Creating Products
[+] Special Conditions for Products


[+] Troubleshoot : Memory issues on Scraper
[+] Troubleshoot : Start task doesn’t work
[+] Troubleshoot : It clears HTML content after scraping
[+] Troubleshoot : It clears HTML content after scraping
[+] Checking connectivity to source website


[+] Plugin Settings
[+] Project Settings : Track Changes
[+] How to setup proxy for scraping process?
[+] Using Cookies


[+] How to create dynamic WordPress shortcode? NEW!
[+] How to hide elements on visual editor?
[+] How to embed any iframe video?
[+] Downloading PDF attachment
[+] Useful Regex Expressions
[+] Uniqueness check or prevent duplicates


[+] Custom Fields
[+] Custom Taxonomies


Scrape Any Website

With Xpath and regex strategies, it’s possible to scrape any website!

Get Attributes

Scraper can parse component’s attributes, which means you could possibly get hyperlinks, picture sources, video sources.

Set Feature Image

The plugin can extract any picture to set as a featured picture.

Duplicate Title Skip

Scraper verifies that there isn’t any earlier publish with the identical title.

Fix Encoding

The plugin automatically repair encoding errors and publish it after fixing it.

Language Translation

Scraper automatically detects content material and translate it to any language.

Content Spinner

Scraper supports A.I. Spinner plugin, with this manner you could possibly create distinctive content material.

Support Categories

You might publish your new content material to any class that you just’ve created.

Regex (JSON) Parser

You might parse an information that accommodates JSON objects.


Scraper can parse any picture sequence and create gallery with that.

Search & Replace

You might rework your content material with search & substitute feature.

Content Template with Variables

You might generate your distinctive content material template with rework feature.

WooCommerce Products

Creating woocommerce merchandise with Scraper is very easy. Scraper supports all tags of woocommerce.

Math Functions

You might sum, subtract or divide any quantity with math features. It could be helpful on price calculations.

Embed Any Post

Extract Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo ID from website and use it with embed rework.

Schedule Tasks

With completely different intervals you could possibly schedule your duties.

Post Update

You might choose a publish to update with scraping.


You might strip hyperlinks from authentic publish content material.

Proxy Support

You might use proxies on scraping.


Scraper supports cookie, you could possibly outline cookie for any job.

Post Status

You might set your publish standing to draft or publish.

Community Templates

There are lots of of template on Scraper’s library. You might allow any of them simply.


+ Is there any feature to translate content material?

Yes, it interprets any content material with Google Translate API. It supports all languages that supported by Google.

Yes, it’s possible. You might set any picture component as a featured picture.

+ Is it possible to create picture galleries?

Yes, it’s possible. Scraper can detect picture sequences and outline them as gallery. It may also downloads picture to your server.

+ Is it possible to create WooCommerce product?

Yes, we support all WooCommerce product customized fields and publish sorts.

+ Is it possible to update costs on product?

Yes, with rework operate, you could possibly apply some regex expressions or mathematical features for numbers. With this manner, you could possibly update numbers with yours or change the values with math features.

+ Is it possible to scrape meta tags?

Yes, that’s possible. You might scrape HTML tags, meta tags, attributes and even JSON components of web page with visible editor.

+ Is it possible to JSON values on web page?

Yes, that’s possible. You might write your individual regex expression to extract data from JSON content material.

+ Can i update test my job mannequin earlier than i create it?

Yes, in preview outcomes part, you could possibly test your mannequin earlier than you buy or use plugin. It offers identical outcomes with WordPress plugin.

+ Can i use proxy for my content material?

Yes, you could possibly set proxy IP and port on settings button which is positioned beside fetch button.

+ Can i scrape all class with subsequent web page?

Yes, setting subsequent web page component is enough. It will automatically scrape all merchandise or publish gadgets in a class web page.

+ Can i get support for my job?

Yes, our support crew can be asisting in your job or any situation that you just expertise on plugin.

+ Can i get refund?

Yes, if you’re not glad with plugin, you could possibly request refund. We’ll approve each refund request with out asking something.

See Plugin’s Documentation

Visit Frequenly Asked Questions

Next Release


04/27/2020 (v2.0.0)

     - Introducing Scraper Pro (for ajax scraping)
     - Updated Documentation hyperlink
     - Feature: Added support for `Alt` & `Title` for featured picture
    - Feature: Green Highlighter for Feed hyperlink selector
        - Bug: Fixed warning points
     - Bug: Fixed Incorrect XML / RSS parsing message
     - Bug: Fixed HTML Source scrapping situation

10/21/2019 (v1.1.3)

        + Bug Fixes

07/06/2019 (v1.1.1)

        + UI Changes
        + Fixed: Scheduled Posts
        + Added: Ajax data parsing
        + Fixed: Parsing XML Feeds
        + Added: Non-english language support
        + Fixed: Local timezone functionality

03/20/2019 (v1.1)

        + UI revamped, many changes across the plugin and visible editor
        + Introducing Simplified view in "Scheduled Tasks" tab
        + Clone job feature launched. 

02/10/2019 (v1.0.42)

        + ignore_params database situation has been fastened.

02/07/2019 (v1.0.41)

        + product attributes situation has been fastened.
        + Split delimiter bug fastened for gallery photographs.

01/12/2019 (v1.0.40)

        + DeepL Translation integration.
        + Disable URL parameters for URL uniqueness choice.
        + Set featured picture with publish father or mother ID.
        + Total run restrict performance has been added.
        + Set creator choice has been added.
        + Set publish slug choice has been added.

12/06/2018 (v1.0.39)

        + Multiple p component situation has been fastened for post_content.
        + Page improve caught points has been fastened.

11/27/2018 (v1.0.38)

        + (Bugfix) Used photographs will not be downloaded once more.
        + Next web page bounce and auto-reset features has been improved.
        + cURL gzip enabled.
        + WooCommerce product_cat and product_tag points has been fastened.

11/13/2018 (v1.0.37)

        + Bulk checklist URL issues has been fastened.
        + URL path points has been fastened.
        + Next web page set off features has been up to date.
        + Gallery choice points has been fastened.
        + Visual selector has been improved.
        + Default worth for product attributes has been up to date.
        + Next web page selector has been improved.
        + Article content material selector has been improved.
        + cURL feature has been added.
        + Proxy points has been fastened.
        + Visual editor zoom situation has been fastened for low resolutions.
        + product_tag creation situation has been fastened.
        + Same variable name situation has been fastened for visible editor.

11/02/2018 (v1.0.36)

        + URL Path points has been fastened.
        + Bulk URL checklist choice added.
        + Yandex Translation API has been added.
        + tbody situation has been fastened for Chrome.
        + Post codecs has been added on challenge settings.
        + Ajax request error has been up to date.
        + Index choice situation has been fastened for complicated tables.
        + New observe choice added : no change on publish standing.
        + Notices faraway from settings space.

10/22/2018 (v1.0.35)

        + Pagination points has been fastened.
        + Image download and is required points has been fastened.

10/19/2018 (v1.0.34)

        + Memory situation has been fastened.

10/19/2018 (v1.0.33)

        + Aliexpress picture situation has been fastened.
        + Error show added for timeout and reminiscence points.
        + Remove component for eradicating popups, preloaders.
        + "Required" area added. It move if area is empty.
        + Special Conditions part added.
        + Task restrict situation has been fastened.

10/16/2018 (v1.0.32)

        + Next web page operate on preview outcomes.
        + Auto-detection for scraping feature has been added.
        + Using variables as shortcodes on WordPress is possible now!
        + Visual editor Scraping base URL downside fastened.
        + Pause job situation has been fastened. (test edilecek)
        + Proxy URL situation on Visual instrument, fastened.
        + Excluding posts by attributes is possible now.
        + Detailed logs for points, issues.
        + Connection test performance added.
        + Extract ID, HTML or URL from picture attachment.
        + Limit job set off operate.
        + Next web page URL points has been fastened for location redirections.

10/12/2018 (v1.0.31)

        + For is a number of area, JSON database format added.
        + Split content material by phrases choice added.
        + File download as attachment added. (pdf)
        + SKU Uniqueness methodology added.
        + _stock, _manage_stock, _backorders attributes has added.
        + Track changes operate has been up to date with uniquness methodology.
        + Post title can be utilized on filenames.

10/10/2018 (v1.0.30)

        + Post excerpt area added, it is also quick product description.
        + Post delete points has been fastened.
        + Post standing change performance added.

10/09/2018 (v1.0.29)

        + Proxy points has been fastened on visible editor
        + Visual editor's native copy is on plugin with newest model.
        + Long URL points has been fastened.
        + Post uniqueness situation has been fastened for publish updates.
        + Delete publish with supply URL changes feature added.
        + Task course of delay added.
        + Stop job feature changed with pause job. It continues from last index.
        + Bit.ly decode feature added.
        + Multiple customized area feature added.
        + Media library attachment downside fastened for picture objects.
        + Some UI issues has been fastened.

09/28/2018 (v1.0.28)

        + Filename template feature added for all photographs
        + Strip and download photographs choice added for content material photographs

09/28/2018 (v1.0.27)

        + Database migration situation has been fastened

09/28/2018 (v1.0.26)

        + Gallery shortcode choices added
        + Post URL and title uniqueness mechanism rewritten
        + Category creation points has been fastened
        + Each publish URL shortcode added

09/26/2018 (v1.0.25)

        + Base URL points for some web websites has been fastened (Aliexpress)
        + Clean Advertising codes improved

09/25/2018 (v1.0.24)

        + Custom area points has been fastened.
        + Documentation up to date
        + Gallery photographs and featured photographs should not be duplicated

09/24/2018 (v1.0.23)

        + Multiple class choice feature added
        + Filename rework part enabled
        + Base URL points has been fastened for proxy
        + Custom taxonomy featured added
        + Gallery has been fastened for woocommerce merchandise
        + Split operate added for tags (With delimiter)
        + Google Translate API errors show
        + Serial selector for class, tags and pictures
        + Variable renderer minor fixes
        + Create new class with data area
        + Visual Editor enhancements, UI bugs has been fastened

09/20/2018 (v1.0.22)

        + Strip only some tags (for promoting codes)
        + Attributes UX repair
        + Base URL points has been fastened
        + Post dates added for customized area

09/20/2018 (v1.0.21)

        + Multiple attributes for Woocommerce merchandise
        + UTF8 issues fastened for Non-English languages

09/19/2018 (v1.0.20)

        + Preg match points fastened
        + Xpath selector enhancements
        + Auto detection feature for serial hyperlinks

09/17/2018 (v1.0.19)

        + Next web page choice
        + Design points and enhancements
        + Result preview
        + Performance updates
        + Custom area situation fastened
        + Numeric features downside fastened

09/15/2018 (v1.0.18)

        + Zero byte picture situation fastened
        + Image gallery points fastened
        + Xpath selector fastened and improved
        + Regex parser methodology modified with /g flag
        + Find and substitute methodology improved, it supports a number of discover&substitute
        + Excluding URLs is possible with this model
        + source_url choice added
        + PHP errors fastened
        + Zero byte picture situation fastened

09/07/2018 (v1.0.16)

        + RSS feed or XML parsing methodology added.
        + Woocommerce product class situation fastened.

09/05/2018 (v1.0.13)

        + Image Gallery Parse
        + UX Issue : single publish checkbox lock
        + Strip only tags
        + A.I. Spinner Integration Error
        + Style Parser

09/05/2018 (v1.0.12)

        + Trigger Issues Fixed
        + More Templates Added
        + Featured Image points fastened
        + Cross-origin points fastened
        + Xpath selector improved

08/17/2018 (v1.0.0)

        + Cron points fastened
        + Image download feature added
        + JSON Parsing Method Added
        + A.I. Spinner Service Enabled
        + Translation Service Enabled
        + First Release


On this part, we’ll be serving to you about your issues earlier than you buy.

  • Your hosting or server should permit incoming and outgoing community transfers for scraping.
  • Our support crew can attain job’s content material from service logs should you present us any. This methodology makes simpler support course of and with this manner our support crew help you shortly on any case.
  • We’ll be updating plugin for any bug or features that requested by customers. Every update has been examined by our support crew and softwares.
  • Plugin is licensed per domain. You should buy licence for every domain. You might transfer your licence to a different domain.
  • Scraper doesn’t support ajax web sites due to technical limitations.
  • Our plugin makes use of Google Translate official API not like different plugins. So please be sure you have API key on that service earlier than you buy for translation services. Please additionally notice that Google Translate’s Official API is a paid service.
  • Scraper’s plugin has features that scrapes parts from given URLs. Our visible editor is a cloud based mostly editor that hosted by us on our web service. Plugin doesn’t accommodates visible editor’s files in it. It only will get JSON data that constructed on visible editor.
  • Since Amazon blocked our servers, the plugin is unable to scrape any product from Amazon. That is likely to be identical for AliExpress and different big web sites in future. Please ensure that plugin works correctly earlier than buy. You might merely contact with our support crew or comment and ask about support standing. We’ll gladly test and inform you about changes.
  • You might request refund on any case that you’re not glad on plugin.

Codecanyon | Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress Free Download Nulled

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Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress free download nulled

Scraper – Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress free download nulled