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The Reviewer is a plugin for WordPress that permits you to insert evaluations and comparability tables into your posts, pages and customized put up sorts in a fast and simple approach. If you want to create a attractive recap field on your full assessment put up or simply a easy however highly effective person evaluations system, that is the plugin you’re searching for.

The plugin versatile construction permits you to create any assessment sort: no limits, simply create a template and insert your private assessment in your posts or pages. Users and guests can go away their evaluations within the field you’ve gotten created.

The plugin offers completely different customizable themes with the intention to adapt your evaluations and comparability tables to your want. Each theme has a responsive format to adapt to any units.

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Core Features

Review Boxes & Comparison of Tables

Create highly effective and beautiful assessment containers or comparability tables limitless.
Just fill the knowledge you want to show and place the associated shortcode in any customized put up sort or web page.

Customizable Gorgeous Themes

Each theme may be custom-made. You can set the factors on your assessment, rating vary, colours, labels, font sizes, add customized panels and hyperlinks, change star icon, add pros, cons, abstract and far more.

User Reviews

The plugin offers a complicated person assessment system:

  • Different rating modes: 5 Stars, Bars, Single Criteria
  • Collect customer identify, e-mail
  • Users can add their pictures
  • Google ReCaptcha for stopping spamming
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Administrators can handle the person evaluations fully
  • Moderation for person assessment

Review Box and User Reviews Widgets

Display evaluations containers and person evaluations sorted in several methods inside your theme sidebars. Both widgets are customizable to fulfill in your wants.

Great back finish options

All admin options have been designed and constructed for simplifying the Blog Authors work. You can handle person assessment privileges, moderations; handle evaluations, tables and far more in a fast and simple approach.

Do you need assistance or simply have some questions?

Check out the Knowledge Base or contact the Reviewer Team

Please don’t put up feedback on the plugin web page for help request the Support Team doesn’t handle the feedback part.

Gorgeous Themes


  • Make attractive Review Boxes and Comparison Tables in few straightforward steps
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Review Boxes per put up
  • Unlimited Criteria per assessment
  • Unlimited Comparison Tables
  • Works with common put up, pages, and any customized put up sorts
  • Possibility to type Comparison Tables
  • Advanced person assessment system
  • Users can add pictures inside evaluations
  • Administrators can apply a Verified badge to a person assessment
  • Share person evaluations on socials media
  • 2 sorts of rating mode: stars and bars
  • Manage person assessment authorization
  • Manage and edit person evaluations
  • Administrator can resolve which WordPress roles can handle person evaluations
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new person evaluations have been posted NEW
  • Templates Manager
  • Preferences web page
  • WordPress meta containers for assessment containers and comparability tables
  • Gorgeous and customizable themes
  • Color, labels and messages customization
  • Affiliate hyperlinks (Custom Tabs and Custom hyperlinks options)
  • Possibility to substitute star icon with a customized one
  • Shortcodes for assessment containers, tables, and lists of containers
  • Shortocode for getting evaluations of single person NEW
  • Post Editor Button with shortcodes checklist of tables and evaluations containers
  • Reviewer API to combine the plugin with the plugin together with your theme
  • Custom WordPress hooks NEW
  • Migration web page (Plugin backup supervisor) NEW
  • Migration instrument for transferring your present person evaluations to Reviewer plugin NEW
  • Review Boxes Widget (sorting modes)
    • Latest Reviews
    • Top Score Reviews
    • Top Rated Reviews
    • Top Users Score Reviews
    • Combo 1 | Avg of Author Score + User Score
  • User Reviews Widget (sorting modes)
    • Latest Ratings
    • Top Score Ratings
    • Top Rated Reviews
  • Support for Google Rich Snippet NEW
  • Reviews are listed on Google Searches NEW
  • Support for Google ReCaptcha
  • WordPress translation prepared
  • Retina Support
  • Responsive Layout
  • Reviewer API

Do you need to combine the Reviewer plugin together with your WordPress theme?

Check out the Developers section at Reviewer plugin Knowledge Base

Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro

Release Notes

You can discover all launch notes on this article

Release Notes

Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro
Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro
Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro

3.21.009 September 2019
  • Add center option to rwp_reviewer_rating_stars and rwp_users_rating_stars shortcodes
  • Update backup feature to improve stability
  • Fix warning in the user reviews admin page
  • Fix minor issues

3.20.016 August 2019
  • Add rwp_reviewer_score postmeta for the first Reviewer box of each post
  • Add pros and cons to the review box theme 5
  • Update email template page title
  • Update Google rich snippets structure
  • Fix URL link to the user reviews admin page in the email notification
  • Fix bug that does not show the summary section label
  • Fix minor issues

3.19.018 November 2018
  • Add inline parameter to [rwp-users-rating-stars] shortcode
  • Fix issue with backup feature
  • Fix minor issues

3.18.0 25 May 2018
  • Add a companion plugin (Reviewer Extension) for extending the Reviewer plugin with WordPress hooks
  • Add 2 new shortcodes for displaying the numeric average of reviewer and users scores
  • Add possibility to link review author to his profile page in user reviews
  • Add the possibility to insert Privacy Policy (GDPR) terms in user reviews
  • Improve Google Snippets: user reviews are now indexable ;-)
  • Improve plugin translation
  • Improve user review layout
  • Improve UX
  • Fix minor issues

3.17.006 December 2017
  • Add setting for excluding Google reCaptcha from specific post IDs
  • Fix an issue that did not save custom links correctly
  • Fix minor issues

3.16.022 October 2017
  • Add possibility to open custom links in a new browser tab/window
  • Fix an issue about avatars of user reviews
  • Fix an issue in Reviewer > Preferences page
  • Fix minor issues

3.15.010 August 2017
  • Add WP custom filter before saving a new review and add WP custom action after saving a review
  • Add a new user review authorization mode based on user role
  • Add new shortcode that gets reviews of single user
  • Add maximum score in overall score and users score
  • Add numeric rating above score in user review (enable it in Preferences page)
  • Add a new design of custom links
  • Improve email notice about new user reviews
  • Edit plugin menu icon
  • Edit all existing shortcode names (details inside doc)
  • Merge all front-end js files in a single one
  • Fix floating-issue of pros and cons
  • Fix sorting issue in Review Boxes widget and Review Boxes List shortcode
  • Fix responsive issue in theme 4
  • Fix rendering problem in theme 3 for some users
  • Fix minor issues

3.14.217 April 2017
  • Add custom URL setting in User Reviews Widget
  • Fix error for some users about the importing of backup or migration file
  • Fix minor issues
  • Prepare the plugin for the next major release

3.14.114 November 2016
  • Fix error during license registration

3.14.013 November 2016
  • Add possibility to set user review images required during the review process
  • Update some labels in back-end components
  • Fix minor issues

3.13.001 September 2016
  • Add support for image URL inside Comparison Table
  • Add possibility to change review box type after its creation
  • Fix license activation issue for some users
  • Fix some text labels
  • Fix minor issues

3.12.005 August 2016
  • Add possibility to choose which WordPress roles can manage user reviews
  • Add possibility to apply a verified badge to a user review
  • Add possibility to attach images to user reviews ;)
  • Add possibility to manage user review image attachments
  • Add a new plugin license system (read the documentation for all details)
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Fix minor issues
  • New notes are described inside documentation for Extended License buyers

3.11.012 July 2016
  • Add the new Migration admin page
  • Add possibility to users to leave an unlimited number of reviews per Box
  • Update Review Box status. Now it is synced with post/page status
  • Update [rwp-users-rating-star] shortcode. Now it supports Auto Box type
  • Update javascript dependences
  • Update language files
  • Fix Review Box Widget functionality
  • Fix issue that does not display user avatar in user reviews
  • Fix deprecated function in Reviewer > Support page
  • Fix minor issues

3.10.007 February 2016
  • Move Reviewer API manual from Admin Area to plugin's documentation
  • Rename all existing API (check out the new documentation )
  • Add 2 new API: get_reviews_box_users_reviews, get_users_reviews

3.9.005 February 2016
  • Add the possibility to show Post's Feature Image for Auto Boxes
  • Add the possibility to show reviews box image inside Comparison Tables
  • Add possibility to show user reviews date as a human-readable format: "1 hour ago", "5 mins ago", "2 days ago".
  • Add possibility to enable/disable "sameAs" property for Google Rich Snippets
  • Add the possibility to set a custom URL for "sameAs" attribute of Google Rich Snippets
  • Fix an issue that loads ReCaptcha's lib even if it was disabled
  • Fix a warning for Auto Boxes
  • Fix minor issues

3.8.206 January 2016
  • Fix issue about IE10 compatibility
  • Fix special characters issue inside users review and widget
  • Fix issue about the parsing of user review date
  • Fix CSS issue about criteria scores inside users reviews
  • Fix CSS issue about centering the username to the avatar image
  • Improve Google rich snippets with “sameAs” property
  • Update documentation. Check it out!

3.8.124 November 2015
  • Fix an issue that does not allow to use multiple reviewer shortcodes on the same page
  • Fix CSS issue about criteria scores inside users reviews
  • Add possibility to hide criteria scores inside the [rwp-review-recap] shortcode

3.8.019 November 2015
  • Increase plugin performance
  • Add new users reviews GUI
  • Add possibility to sort users reviews (Most recent, Top score, Most helpful, Worst score)
  • Add more types in template manager page
  • Add the possibility to change the default login URL for reviews boxes in Preferences page
  • Add the possibility to choose the source (Reviewer or Users) for single criteria inside the Reviews Box
  • Add the possibility to set title and comment fields as "not required" (default setting) inside user review
  • Update get_review_users_rating API and related doc. Now it works with auto boxes!
  • Update languages files and some labels
  • Fix minor issues

3.7.019 October 2015
  • Add the possibility to add no follow attribute to reviews box image and custom
  • Add the possibility to sort comparison tables
  • Replace default Captcha with Google ReCaptcha
  • Fix CSS issue about user display name inside user review and review form
  • Fix Google Rich Snippets
  • Fix minor issues

3.6.108 August 2015
  • Fix issue that does not import users reviews correctly inside the Import/Export page
  • Fix Google Rich Snippets issue
  • Fix issue that does not submit the user review title field if the reviews box is inside a tab component of some themes
  • Fix issue that does not display correctly the user's reviews in reviews boxes
  • Add the type selection in Reviewer template
  • Add localization support for email notification about new users reviews

3.6.029 July 2015
  • Implement user review sharing
  • Add possibility to choose the number of users reviews per page in the Preferences page
  • Fix issue that added extra br tags in pros, cons and summary sections
  • Fix minor issues

3.5.026 July 2015
  • Enable user to rate again after its reviews were deleted
  • Add two new shortcodes for reviews box
  • Fix timestamp for new user review
  • Add possibility to edit user review date in backend page
  • Update support page - Update Google Rich Snippets
  • Update admin notices for activation and support
  • Fix extra slashes issue in user review editing
  • Prevent to exclude auto reviews from all available terms in template manager page
  • Fix issue that displays invalid email when notifications are disabled about new ratings
  • Fix issue that shows unapproved user reviews inside the widget
  • Add possibility to show post title inside Ratings Widget
  • Enable featured image inside Reviews Widget
  • Enable featured image inside Reviews List Shortcode
  • Set correct post date for reviews boxes
  • Edit Reviewer backend menu
  • Add possibility to disable plugin support features for Extended License
  • Enable reviews box shortcodes to be shown in any post or pages
  • Add possibility to change count label of users ratings inside template manager
  • Add the possibility to edit user scores in the users reviews page
  • Update languages files
  • Fix minor issues

3.4.114 March 2015
  • Added a new shortcode for review that shows scores only
  • Fixed the issue that caused an error with Google Rich Snippet
  • Fixed minor issues

3.4.011 March 2015
  • Added the option for sending an email notification when new ratings have been submitted
  • Added the possibility to show scores as stars inside Reviews List shortcode
  • Added the possibility to choose if a score with zero value is allowed or not
  • Added the possibility to define custom CSS rules inside Preferences page
  • Added the possibility to choose the theme for Comparison Table
  • Added support for custom tabs inside Reviews List shortcode
  • Added a new theme for Comparison Tables, "Theme 5"
  • Added a new theme for Reviews Widget, "Theme 3"
  • Improved backend UI
  • Fixed minor issues

3.3.017 February 15
  • Added the possibility to set the minimum and maximum number of characters for user review title and user review comment
  • Added the possibility to exclude categories/custom taxonomies from auto reviews
  • Added three new shortcodes that split the review into three sections: recap, ratings, form
  • Added the possibility to hide review title or show the post title for reviews
  • Added the possibility to edit users ratings inside Rating Manager page
  • Added the possibility to use "Featured Image" as Review Image
  • Fixed some CSS issues
  • Fixed minor issues

3.2.006 February 15
  • Added custom tabs inside overalls section for reviews - example: price tab...
  • Added new rating mode: full rating with stars
  • Added new Reviewer Widget for displaying latest or top score users ratings
  • Added email field and Gravatar support for users rating
  • Fixed minor issues

3.1.021 January 15
  • Added Captcha field for user rating
  • Added rating moderation
  • Improved user rating: it can be completely customized
  • Add new back-end page for Rating Manager
  • Added possibility to delete reviews inside Reviews page
  • Rating form options were moved from review box to reviewer template. (Please update your Reviewer Templates!)
  • Fixed minor bugs

3.0.016 January 15
  • New users rating
  • New gorgeous themes
  • Improved reviews customization
  • Improved Reviewer Widget
  • Added two review types: "Post Author Review with Users Ratings" and "Users Reviews Only."
  • Added the possibility to duplicate reviews templates.
  • Added the possibility to reorder review criteria.
  • Added decimal precision to scores values
  • Added the possibility to insert a specific review or table in any post
  • New gorgeous and responsive themes for your reviews
  • Added colors palettes for reviews themes
  • Added the summary field for reviews
  • Added auto users reviews box for the custom post type
  • Added the possibility to insert custom links inside reviews
  • Added custom link for review image
  • Updated Reviewer API
  • Fixed minor bugs

2.5.004 November 14
  • Added Status field for reviews
  • Added the possibility to disable users rating on a single review
  • Enhanced Reviewer API v.1.1
  • Enhanced Reviews List Shortcode
  • Enhanced Reviewer Widget
  • Fixed minor bugs

2.4.030 October 14
  • Added Reviewer API to integrate the plugin functionalities inside themes.
  • Added the possibility to Import / Export plugin data.
  • Fixed Google Rich Snippet issue.
  • Fixed “Slashes” issue.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

2.3.005 September 14
  • Added the new Reviews List Shortcode for display a custom table of reviews.
  • Added custom overall score for reviews.
  • Added support for the new WordPress Media Uploader.
  • Added two new sorting modes inside Reviewer Widget.
  • Improved Pros and Cons fields.
  • Added a new post editor button for the Reviews List Shortcode.
  • Updated Google Rich Snippets tags.
  • Added the ranking number to inside Reviewer Widget.
  • Improved widget UI.
  • Improved Comparison Tables UI.
  • Added the new Theme 9 (Shows Overall Scores, Pros and Cons).
  • Fixed Theme 4 Issue.
  • Added custom overall score.
  • Added Support page.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

2.2.010 July 14
  • Added Review Image support
  • Enhanced Reviewer Widget
    • Add category filter
    • UI improved
  • Bugs fixed

2.1.109 June 14
  • Fixed WordPress 3.9.x compatibility
  • Post editor button for inserting reviews and tables works correctly
  • Fixed Pros and Cons issue

2.0.111 March 14
  • Fixed an issue for users that have PHP 5.4

2.0.008 March 14
  • Added users rating support
    • Rating with classic five stars ( the star image can be replaced with a custom one )
    • Full rating ( users can express a vote for each criterion of review )
  • Comparison tables: create comparison tables with reviews of the same template
  • Add Reviews back-end page: view all your review in a single view
  • Add Preferences back-end page: manage Reviewer Plugin settings
  • Improved back-end user interface and user experience
  • The plugin is now integrated with the new UI of WordPress 3.8
  • Two new gorgeous themes for reviews
  • Previous themes are restyled
  • Localization support ( available languages: English, Italian ) - You can translate the plugin in your language in a few minutes
  • Add support for Google Rich Snippet
  • Bug fixed

1.117 September 13
  • Added the possibility to customize each theme:
    • Text Color
    • Total Score Label
    • Total Score Box Color
    • Different colors for High, Medium and Low Scores
    • Pros and Cons Section completely customizable (label, color, font size...)
  • Improved ‘Add Review Box’:
    • Add slider for setting scores (a quicker way to add reviews)
    • Reviews Tabs: now all post reviews are displayed in a tab mode for a better user experience
  • Minor bugs fixed
1.09 September 13
  • Initial version
    Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro
    Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro
    Reviewer WordPress Plugin, Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download, Reviewer WordPress Plugin nulled, Reviewer WordPress Plugin demo, Reviewer WordPress Plugin pro

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Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download nulled

Reviewer WordPress Plugin free download nulled