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Codecanyon | Follow up email for woocommerce Free Download Nulled

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Woocommerce Follow up email

An indispensable device to remain in shut contact together with your customers

Key advantages

Send email to customer based mostly on their behaviors

  • Send email when a customer abandons their cart
  • Send notification after customer has positioned their order
  • Send followup email from Woocommerce when order standing changes
  • Send email when customers have signed up however not purchased something for a interval of time

Send email to customers on their explicit occasions
Create, edit and ship coupons
Easily handle the mass of emails

  • Configure the unlimited variety of emails
  • Create unlimited guidelines to ship emails

Key features

  • When a customer abandons their cart

abandoned cart reminder

  • Before (on or after ) x days of customer’s birthday

birthday coupon

  • After customer place order

follow up emails

  • After customer place order and the order acquire a specific standing and gadgets of order happy outlined situation

woocommerce follow up emails

  • To all customers on particular day

follow up emails plugin

  • After x days to registered customers that haven’t but bought something

purchase reminder

  • Built – in email template

follow up emails plugin

  • Send e-newsletter for subscribers

follow up emails plugin


All notable changes to this extension can be documented on this file.
This extension adheres to [Magenest](http://magenest.com/).
### 4.3.0 Jully 24 2018
* suitable last model 3x
* repair email errors and create plugin guidelines
### 4.2.0 March 10 2018
* feature: mail content material use tinymce
* repair: customer (not but registered) not obtain email
* repair: not ship email template
* repair: not save subject
### 4.1.0 Jully 12 2017
* Add Email template
* Send Email for Subscribers
###4.0.0 November 18 2016
* new feature Add the flexibility to using tinyMCE to use to compose the email content material
* Fix bug: Fix bug related compatibility with WordPress 4.6.1
Fix bug relate to Datetime
###1.4.1 - January 3, 2015
Fix bug relate to Datetime
###1.4.0 - December 31, 2014
* new features enable to ship coupons after x days from the days email is distributed
* new features to ship notification of practically expired download product
###1.2.3 - December 2, 2014
*add new email variable order_items List of order merchandise with hyperlink and name. It is beneficial for product review email 

###1.2.2 - December 2, 2014
*support html email

###1.2.1 - November 27, 2014
*Compability with Woocommerce model 2.2.8
###1.2.0 - November 26, 2014
* New feature : Add new possibility for admin to activate/off birthday enter subject in checkout course of

###1.1.1 - November 6, 2014
* New feature : Support deserted cart of visitor every time he fill the email billing address
* New feature : Allow admin handle mail log record. From right here , admin can ship email instantly,cancel,delete or edit email straight
* New feature : Allow admin handle deserted cart record.
* New feature : New variable in email for deserted cart. 
###1.0.1 - October 16, 2014
* Fixed bug that ship email a couple of time
* Remove DateInterval for higher support php 5.2

###1.0.0 - October 8, 2014

First launch

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Codecanyon | Follow up email for woocommerce Free Download Nulled

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Follow up email for woocommerce free download nulled

Follow up email for woocommerce free download nulled


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