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Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download Nulled

NEW! Version 4.8.1 is out and it brings extra velocity and Gutenberg compatibility! Create your personalised e mail templates and use tags and shortcodes to incorporate customized particulars and content material. Read extra here.

WordPress eCards is a WordPress plugin used to ship digital playing cards to pals. It will be carried out in a web page, a submit or the sidebar. Start your personal eCards site! Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween, the eCards plugin works for all the pieces.

Demo | eCards Documentation

eCards makes it fast and simple so that you can ship an eCard in Three straightforward steps. Just select your favourite eCard, add your private message, and ship it to any e mail tackle. When you ship an eCard utilizing this plugin, no private information is saved in WordPress database.

eCards sends any embeddable picture, be it JPG, PNG or animated GIF. If no picture is discovered within the submit, the eCard remains to be delivered to its recipient. eCards makes use of WordPress inside mail sending capabilities. Save eCard senders as WordPress contacts and export or synchronise them with MailChimp!

Highlight the variety of eCards despatched utilizing the brand new [ecard_counter] shortcode.

eCards makes use of an non-obligatory PayPal shortcode to cover the shape till a fee is made.

More Features

  • Member-only restrictions
  • PayPal sandbox mode
  • Custom PayPal buttons

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= 4.8.0 =
* UPDATE: Added full Gutenberg compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Refactored connected photographs
* UPDATE: Replaced deprecated grid with Flexbox

= 4.7.1 =
* FIX: Fixed Flexbox CSS Masonry

= 4.7.0 =
* PERFORMANCE: Replaced Masonry JS with Flexbox CSS
* PERFORMANCE: Removed jQuery dependency
* USABILITY: Replaced clunky JS calendar with HTML dropdowns
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

= 4.6.0 =
* PRIVACY: All eCard (CPT) are not any non-public and invisible to XML sitemaps
* PRIVACY: Removed all eCard logs
* PRIVACY: Removed all eCard senders
* PRIVACY: Removed customized eCard consumer roles
* PRIVACY: Remove all e mail addresses after a scheduled eCard is shipped
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

= 4.5.4 =
* FIX: Fix for consumer uploaded picture
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

= 4.5.3 =
* FIX: Fix for wp_mail() filter
* FIX: Removed unused JS variables

= 4.5.2 =
* UPDATE: Replaced date/time picker with vanilla JavaScript (+velocity, -weight)
* UPDATE: Removed jQuery dependency from principal eCards script (+velocity)
* FEATURE: Added e mail log

= 4.5.1 =
* UPDATE: Removed getButterfly brand
* UPDATE: Removed wording from getButterfly advert field
* UPDATE: Tweaked plugin description

= 4.5.0 =
* FIX: Fixed CSS compatibility with IE
* FIX: Admin UI tweaks
* UPDATE: Added fundamental template for eCards grid
* UPDATE: Show eCards in WordPress Dashboard by default
* UPDATE: Removed new eCard CPT functionality (eCards are learn solely)
* UPDATE: Removed SparklinesJS
* UPDATE: Removed previous, generic stats
* UPDATE: Removed [ecard_counter] shortcode
* UPDATE: Removed jQuery dependency
* UPDATE: Removed WP Mail From II suggestion
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress necessities
* UPDATE: Updated PHP necessities
* UPDATE: Removed unused desk and choices
* FEATURE: Added fundamental stats

= 4.4.6 =
* FIX: Fixed wp_mail() headers compatibility with PHP 7+

= 4.4.5 =
* FIX: Consolidated wp_mail() headers
* FIX: Consolidated fee shortcode
* FIX: Fixed undefined variable
* FIX: Styling tweaks
* UPDATE: Removed eCards UI references
* UPDATE: Code high quality updates

= 4.4.4 =
* FIX: Consolidated wp_mail() headers
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

<sturdy>= 4.4.3 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed SQL bug

<sturdy>= 4.4.2 =</sturdy>
* UPDATE: Updated documentation
* UPDATE: Relaunched eCards UI
* UPDATE: Code high quality updates
* UPDATE: Code efficiency updates
* UPDATE: Code safety updates
* UI: Added higher contextual assist for added photographs

<sturdy>= 4.4.0 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed incorrect e mail message being handed to Akismet
* FIX: Removed unsupported mail attachment argument
* UPDATE: Consolidated look settings to keep away from overriding choices
* UPDATE: Code efficiency updates
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* FEATURE: Added risk to connect photographs from Media Library to posts/pages
* DOCUMENTATION: Added eCard samples (XML import)

<sturdy>= 4.3.0 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed lacking eCard (Designer) template (added WordPress notification)
* FIX: Fixed date/time picker
* FIX: Fixed Masonry loading behaviour

<sturdy>= 4.2.0 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Properly added mail headers to permit for safe sending and reply-to choices
* FIX: Fixed carousel to work on extra themes natively
* FIX: Fixed some points with scheduled eCards
* UPDATE: Added ID to eCard kind to permit monitoring concentrating on
* FEATURE: Merged all e mail choices into the brand new eCard Designer
* FEATURE: Added Masonry grid to eCards

<sturdy>= 4.1.0 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed giant picture utilizing the complete dimension (as a substitute of a customized one)
* UPDATE: Added non-obligatory carousel behaviour for eCards
* UPDATE: Moved Sparklines plugin to an area folder (as a substitute of CDNJS)
* UPDATE: Refactored inside plugin URL and eliminated the fixed
* UPDATE: Removed path and model constants and changed them with native capabilities
* UPDATE: Removed compelled hiding of CPT UI
* PERFORMANCE: Only load admin scripts and kinds on the plugin web page
* PERFORMANCE: Saved a number of database requires a number of eCards collections

<sturdy>= 4.0.5 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed giant picture dimension being hardcoded to thumbnail
* FIX: Code formatting fixes for PSR compliance
* UPDATE: Updated date/time picker library and used the complete model

<sturdy>= 4.0.4 =</sturdy>
* UPDATE: Forced hiding of CPT UI to keep away from confusion
* UPDATE: Grouped a number of developer-only settings

<sturdy>= 4.0.3 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed checkboxes not being unchecked

<sturdy>= 4.0.2 =</sturdy>
* UPDATE: Added success message to labels listing

<sturdy>= 4.0.1 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Fixed a number of PHP notices for unset checkboxes
* UPDATE: All emails now embrace the chosen eCard as a picture attachment

<sturdy>= 4.0.0 =</sturdy>
* FIX: Removed deprecated phrase from the Diagnostics tab
* FIX: Added HTML content material sort repair and grouped debugging choices collectively
* FIX: Fixed formatting and line breaks for eCard content material
* FIX: Fixed a number of points with non-initialized choices
* UPDATE: Synchronized with the free model

See official site for the full eCards changelog.

Note: Only present model – 4.0+ – is supported! Please improve earlier than asking for help.

Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download Nulled

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WordPress eCards free download nulled

Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download free download Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download nulled Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download

WordPress eCards free download nulled


Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download free download Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download nulled Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download

Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download free download Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download nulled Codecanyon | WordPress eCards Free Download